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When the project "French-German model mapping of rare disciplines” started in 2018, some rectors´ conferences (namely from France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, in an early stage the Netherlands) already have had several meetings on Rare Disciplines before. They agreed on the necessity of European Networking on the topic and to joint forces to get information about the situation of scientific fields or disciplines which are relative rare, and maybe might be endangered because of local decisions based on financial constraints and the number of students.

A useful instrument on this behalf already existed in Germany at that time, the so called “mapping of “small” disciplines”. At a meeting in 2017 Germany and France agreed on a pilot project to transfer the methodology of mapping already existing in Germany to the French higher education system. Today France has established an own mapping of rare disciplines.

Goal and Content of the Online-Seminar

Goal for the seminar now was to continue and expand the European networking on the topic “Rare Disciplines” and to share information on the projects in France and Germany as well about the initiatives in Latvia and Denmark.

Annemarie Deser and Katharina Haas from Arbeitsstelle Kleine Fächer presented how the mapping of rare disciplines is organized in Germany. Afterwards Sébastien Chevalier from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) presented how France adapted and modified the definition and methodology used in Germany for their own needs. After a short break, Agnese Rusakova from the Council of Rectors of Latvia, and Annika Hvithamar and Magnus Børlum Dam Olesen from the University of Copenhagen presented their relatively new initiatives on the establishment of a mapping of rare disciplines in their countries. There was time for discussion and questions after each contribution. For details, please see the presentations, the programme and the documentation of the discussion attached.


Programme and Documentation of the Online-Seminar: “European Perspectives on Rare Disciplines: The German-French Mapping of Rare Disciplines”, Nov 2, 2023

Presentation from Germany (Haas/Deser)

Presentation from France (Chevalier)

Presentation from Denmark (Hvithamar/Dam Olesen)

Presentation from Latvia (Rusakova)